Solo exhibition show featured in
2017 at The House of Machines in Los Angeles, California.


I make art, because, I want to captivate people’s perspective on concepts that relate in today’s sub-culture. These perspectives of conversation can maybe motivate or inspire others to do the same. As an artist, I want to contribute to the creative world we live, and make an imprint in today’s modern world. I’m a visionary person who sees the world differently, and I want to express that aspiration through my work. In addition, I got into this work because I’ve always had in me. As a child, I’ve painted and drawn so it came natural to become an artist. I feel honest with myself when the work is going to plan. And my favorite thing about my work is the vision of making ideas into realities; a start from nothing to something.

I begin a piece by first brainstorming and sketching out a concept. The concepts come from sub-cultures: music, fashion, motion picture and I usually feed off of that. Once I figure an idea that I really like, I then start creating sketches and use tools like computer programs, overhead projectors, paints, brushes, glue, camera etc.…I’m very experimental with tools, as long as it gets the job done I’m ok with. However, the brush is my favorite because it’s been used for thousands of years and will always be there. Paint is my favorite material, I’ve been using it my whole life and still learning the craft of painting. When I work with paint, I am reminded that there are unless forms of color. In contrast, black is my favorite color, because its elegant, mysteries, and powerful. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of gratitude. Moreover, I know a piece is done when I am completely consent with the work.

The enlightenment I give to people through my work is the ultimate satisfaction.The most recent works (band of vidd series,) relates to my pass work because of the mouse skull logo and the influences of sub pop-culture. The work doesn’t have any titles or comments regarding each of the canvases, because I want the viewer to participate by thinking in their perspective. What materials I used to make this artwork is stretched canvas, on acrylic which I hand built myself. And, my main vision here is to showcase different gradients in the background and have the subject matter outlined. Each piece has its own special, unique model, including its own passage.

By showcasing its different passages, each piece has its own personality. The concept behind the band of vidd series is to create a piece of art that demonstrates a perception of the female form in a specific sub-culture. When people see my work, I’d like them to have a discussion and participation of their own thoughts and theories